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Nick Roberts


Git is the Industry Standard version control system. It manages and backs up files of a website, creating a version history of the files committed to a repository. It was created in 2005 to keep track of files of projects with multiple developers.

For large projects, git can be used to separate out the key parts into ‘branches’, allowing multiple developers to work on the same project without overwriting each others’ work.

Each ‘commit’ to Git is saved, allowing developers to undo changes if necessary. This can be useful if changes made have broken a website, or code needs to be rewritten due to server upgrades.

Git is simply the version control software. The files need to be uploaded to a Git repository held on a site such as Bitbucket, or Github.

I use Git to keep back ups of website files, and to manage the version history of the files, pushing the files of the Git repository up to Bitbucket.