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Site of the Month: February

28th February 2017

This month’s site is a WebGL game based on Google Maps. It features a cube with Google Maps of various locations around the world on the six sides. A ball is dropped onto the map and the user moves the cube to navigate the ball towards markers on the map. Sounds simple,...

My Development Setup

11th February 2017

I have recently taken the opportunity to completely upgrade my development setup, replacing my main computer and external monitors. The main reason for this was a hardware issue with my old machine. This post will run through my new hardware setup, and the software that...

Site of the Month: January

29th January 2017

Towards the end of every month, I will be posting a site that has caught my eye that month. The sites will showcase the best of what the Web has to offer, showing new advances in Web technology, sites using technologies correctly, or just plain awesome websites. This month,...

Google to Downgrade Sites with Popups

20th January 2017

Google is one of the, (if not The) largest search engines available for users to find websites on the Internet. It uses complex algorithms to match search terms entered, with a whole database of every website ever created. They’ve just started a huge crackdown on websites...

Who to follow on Twitter in the Web Industry

14th January 2017

Twitter is bursting with knowledge of the Web Industry. With so much inspiration, tips, and advice it can be difficult to find the best Designers / Developers to follow. This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the best accounts to follow in the Web Industry. Many Designers...