Nick Roberts

Full Stack Web Developer


Nick Roberts

Full Stack

Web Developer

Sleek & Professional

I develop sleek & professional, fully responsive, and user-focussed websites using the very latest techniques and technologies in Web Development, making them look great and easy to use on any device.

Fully Responsive

All websites that I build are fully responsive. The layout of responsive websites changes to perfectly fit the screen size of the device. Responsive websites use the same content, making it easier to update and maintain, compared to multiple sites for different device widths.

Standards Compliant

Websites that I build are compliant to the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. These Standards cover 90 topics including Web Architecture, Semantics, Web Browsers, Devices, Usability, and Accessibility.

Usability & Accessibility Focussed

Focussing on Usability and Accessibility when building websites, I make sure that all users are accounted for, and that the website fits their needs. This includes using code that is semantically correct, making it easier for users accessing websites with screen readers get meaningful information from the website.

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